We offer cargo insurance, certification and arrange survey and warehousing services.

Cargo insurance

While being transported, cargo of any type is always under the risk of its damage or complete loss due to different causes, and this is not always a carrier’s fault. That’s why one shouldn’t underestimate such an issue as cargo insurance during its transportation.

Depending on the type of cargo we choose an optimal insurance scheme that covers damage or cargo loss caused as a result of:
Transport cases: accident, collision, crash
Intentional cargo damage: theft, steal, intentional ravage
Natural disasters: cyclone, storm, gale
and other situations depending on insurance cover.

Our cargo insurance advantages:
Insurance for all types of cargo
Flexible insurance terms
Ultimate cover and safety
Simple and transparent policy filing
Cargo certification

We arrange issue of all types of certificates that confirm all imported goods correspond to safety and quality requirements. We cooperate with major certification centers for a long time and guarantee that all permission documentation will be completed within a short time.
Our staff will offer you the optimal solution for permission documents and help you save time and money carrying out all procedures to certify your cargoes at high professional level.
The price of certification depends on the type of service and required certificates.

Survey services

Survey is an independent expert report when a surveyor makes a detailed research of cargo condition and damage evaluation during transportation. Having a vide experience in this sphere we will arrange a cargo condition research thoroughly and issue a survey act in time. Such act allows to insure against possible claims from any party and will serve you as a proof with exclusive juridical power for any dispute including those at court.

We are ready to offer a wide range of survey services:
Control of cargo handling at any stage (pre-loading cargo research, examination during loading and discharge of cargo)
Exact information on cargo condition
Cargo damage adjustment
Professional consulting to minimize the losses
Issue of required documentation
Photo and video files
Warehouse services

The necessity of cargo storage at out-of-port terminals is specified by few reasons among which are cargo segregating and shipping lots formation, expert goods research, lower storage cost, reloading of goods from one transport vehicle to another.

We are ready to offer a wide range of warehouses in Novorossiysk and full spectrum of warehouse services including decontainerization and cargo palletizing, consignment storage, formation of shipping lots, full record and control of quantity and condition of cargo.

Warehouses for cargo keeping are equipped with modern technological facilities and which allows offering the highest quality services. We deal with all cargo categories and offer warehousing as well as a complex with other services during delivery and as an independent range of our service.