Railway transportation is still in high demand throughout the territory of the Russian Federation as it allows to deliver the cargo to the farthest and hard-to-get destinations regardless of weather conditions and distance. Another important advantage is a relatively low value of shipment in comparison with other means of transportation.
Presently railway shipments to the CIS and Central Asia countries are in great demand and we carry out them regularly.

Available rolling equipment allows shipping almost all types of cargoes as well as arranging container shipments using platforms. When planning the shipment of particular cargo, we always offer to our customers few possible variants of delivery based on our wide experience in this sphere.

Our unified business account in Russian Railways system, long-standing partnership relations with owners of rolling equipment, smooth process of cargo dispatch and receipt at Novorossiysk station are only a few of advantages of our service; however, it is always up to customer to choose the best transportation way.

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