Among other ways of transportation, trucking is one of the most popular and practical ones. The advantages are obvious:
“door-to-door” carriage;
prompt delivery;
selection of the best route;
truck monitoring;
oversized and overweight cargo transportation;
flexibility of planning.
Our company owns truck fleet which lets us arrange delivery of cargoes for our customers at minimal market value and provide transport in time.
We handle and timely dispatch any volume of containers arrived at the port of Novorossiysk, securing their well-timed delivery to destination point regardless of number of trucks involved in the shipment.
It is important to note that not only containers with usage of appropriate vehicles. Also any cargo can be carried away from Novorossiysk port under transit customs regime, i.e. to be bound for the destination customs, or after the end of customs clearance procedure.

Delivery of cargo by road from Novorossiysk is carried out for distance up to 3000 km, for longer distance it is more reasonable to use railway.

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