The favorable geographical position of Novorossiysk port allows to handle almost all available types of cargo supplied to the Russian Federation all year round. We, unlike many of the other forwarder, provide sea transportation not only of containers, but also of general, oversized, rolling and hazardous cargo, using our extensive business connections and special experience in this field gained within decades.
When arranging oversea transportation, we offer an optimal scheme of cargo delivery, agree terms of delivery and advise the lowest rate possible.

The process of oversea transportation and its arrangement may include the following steps:

• inland delivery in the country of origin to the port of departure; registration of export customs declaration. Almost in each large port in the world we have years proven agents with whom we co-ordinate the whole process of the cargo transportation;
• cargo insurance. Done upon your request;
• issue of all necessary documents for oversea transportation. Full control of correct filling of the bill of lading and other documentation, in order to avoid problems with goods discharge in Novorossiysk port;
• sea freight. Long-term partnership both with the freight brokers and the leading container lines, allows us to offer the lowest market freight rates along with the most favorable terms of transportation, such as a long period of free demurrage, avoiding extra charges for cargo overweight, the ability to delay the cargo in transshipment ports, the maximum rate of loading / discharge;
• monitoring of cargo. Presenting regular information to consignee / shipper on the cargo location, preparation of all necessary documents by the time of cargo arrival to the port of Novorossiysk;
• discharge of cargo. Discharge terminal plays a significant role in the subsequent process of handling and cargo delivery, so, depending on the nature and specifics of the transported goods, we choose the best variant of cargo handling, avoiding additional expenses and providing you with the full report.

We have established ourselves as reliable partners in the field of overseas transportation and our team of professionals will be glad to assist you in implementation of projects of any complexity.

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